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The North East Automotive Alliance organised this years North East Automotive Expo at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland. This is the regions only ‘Meet the Buyer’ event solely focused on servicing the North East Automotive sector. It provides the opportunity for local businesses to, take inspiration on new ideas, know where to source new products, allows suppliers to meet reputable buyers and vital networking opportunities.

Outpace have taken advantage of this event to promote Carrierpac. It has recently been adapted to service Businesses in the automotive sector who are experiencing difficulties with reoccuring product damage which in turn creates a flow of disruption when dealerships are trying to achieve stress free services for their customers.

To find out more please feel free to contact Tim Hutchinson on 01642 466617 or 07711 195139.


Please see our 2013 PRN market overview below. We will continually assess the PRN market and inform as early as we can any significant changes.

Paper, Steel, Aluminium, Wood and Recovery PRN’s are all in a similar place to the last few years in terms of price and no major shocks are currently expected.

Glass and Plastic, however, are a different proposition.

In 2012 the Government decided to increase the target for plastic recycling from 32% to 37%, whilst this may be achievable, with the change in plastics being accepted into China – operation Green Fence was set-up in February to enforce material input standards - and with a large proportion of our plastic PRN`s coming from this export route, whether there are enough plastic PRN`s to meet demand is currently unclear.  This has meant prices have increased rapidly all year, with limited availability and are now around the £68 to £70 per tonne mark.  For financial planning purposes compliance schemes would advise producers to budget for £70 per tonne.

Glass PRN`s are also expensive this year due to several factors:

Last year, glass prices were very low due to securing deals early, so when rates increased to £75.00 per tonne mid last year, it had a detrimental effect on producers.

During 2013 a re-melt target was introduced which means at least 63% of all PRN`s used to achieve a producers obligation must be re-melt PRN`s. This year, the price of a glass re-melt PRN is currently trading around £66 to £68 per tonne with non re-melt around £52 to £55 per tonne.  Compliance schemes are advising to budget between £60 and £65 per tonne.

The supply of PRN`s can be affected by the amount of material in the waste stream and the demand by the number of obligated companies in the UK, however compliance schemes plan ahead as much as is reasonably possible to offset any volatility that the economic environment may bring about.



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