“Preventing damage and reducing waste”


The Carrierpac is a reusable transit packaging solution which is innovative and environmentally responsible. This successful initiative has been recognised within the packaging industry receiving two Gold Starpack awards.

It is proven to reduce damages whilst giving enhanced Health and Safety benefits under present EU and UK manual handling guidelines. It provides a simplified and quicker method of packaging worktops and other associated products.

With correct asset management in a closed loop system, over 25 return trips per unit is achievable, giving a reduced cost per trip over current methods. It also benefits customers who will no longer have the burden of desposing bulky packaging.

Whilst the Carriepac complies with the EU Packaging Waste Directive to reuse packaging and has the benefits outlined above, it is also proven to deliver profitable returns through cost savings and damage reduction.

“Significant levels of packaging are required to deliver high value products to a customer’s home without damage. Rejects increase cost, increase waste and decrease customer satisfaction.” Mike Robey (Wrap)

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